Running takes up an enormous chunk of my free time, as I’m at the moment coaching to run a marathon — one thing I’ve by no means performed earlier than. I acquired again to operating with the assistance of ChatGPT, as I instructed the chatbot to offer me a coaching plan based mostly on my necessities so I might run half marathon races comfortably once more. It labored, too; I relied totally on ChatGPT’s program to get me there, so I’ve now progressed to the following stage: A full marathon.

As I defined earlier than, the issue with long-distance operating isn’t nearly strengthening your coronary heart and legs to resist the hassle. It’s additionally about coaching the thoughts. I don’t simply imply getting within the mindset that you are able to do it, however having the endurance to run for hours and hours.

I exploit podcasts and music to maintain my thoughts occupied as my physique runs the space we agreed on beforehand. Taylor Swift is within the rotations of playlists I take heed to, and Shake It Off is the tune that will get me going. Even on straightforward runs, I invariably decide up the tempo when Shake It Off performs, regardless of figuring out that I’ve to remain inside a sure coronary heart price vary. 

The tune can be nice on precise race day when I’ve to push more durable than throughout coaching, particularly on these previous few miles. So, I had this concept whereas operating and listening to the tune a couple of days in the past. Why don’t I exploit ChatGPT to generate a marathon playlist for Apple Music that includes totally different songs which have one factor in widespread with Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off: The same beat to inspire me?

I did precisely that, and it labored higher than anticipated.

Why Taylor Swift is likely to be good on your marathon

I’d have listened to Taylor Swift whereas coaching and operating races, even with out figuring out how she educated for The Eras Tour. Swift instructed Time journal she began working six months earlier than the tour by operating and singing her songs:

Every day, I might run on the treadmill, singing your complete set checklist out loud. Fast for quick songs, and a jog or a quick stroll for sluggish songs.

Each live performance is about 180 minutes lengthy, and she or he sings some 40 songs from her whole profession. All I can say is, “Challenge accepted.” I’d really incorporate that coaching into my marathon coaching routines.

The operating half isn’t the whole lot. Swift’s fitness center additionally got here up with power, conditioning, and weight coaching for the tour. And she took dance coaching on prime of that. But I digress. 

Shake It Off, ChatGPT!

In what follows, I’ll present you my conversations with ChatGPT 4 and ChatGPT 3.5. You’ll have to get a ChatGPT Plus subscription for the previous or entry it through Copilot. The latter is the free model obtainable to anybody. 

The outcomes are considerably comparable however not an identical. ChatGPT 4 gave me a extra thorough rationalization, although it was lazier and far slower than ChatGPT 3.5. 

ChatGPT 4 additionally created CSV information that I might then import right into a third-party service to then import into Apple Music. The latter step is optionally available, and it’s out of laziness. I didn’t wish to enter the 80 songs that ChatGPT urged manually. ChatGPT 3.5 gave me an inventory of songs I might save as a CSV file for comparable functions. 

Interestingly, ChatGPT 4 instructed me it couldn’t entry Apple Music. But ChatGPT 3.5 stated it might affirm the songs it gave me have been obtainable on Apple Music.

Here’s the immediate that I used to get me began: 

A prompt telling ChatGPT to make a specific playlist.
A immediate telling ChatGPT to make a selected playlist. Image supply: Chris Smith, BGR

ChatGPT 4 understood the task and defined what it was doing to generate the playlist. 

ChatGPT explained how it tackled the problem.
ChatGPT defined the way it tackled the issue. Image supply: Chris Smith, BGR

But it instructed me it couldn’t examine Apple Music, so it provided me an inventory of songs to get me began.

ChatGPT explained how it would generate a playlist based on my prompt.
ChatGPT defined how it might generate a playlist based mostly on my immediate. Image supply: Chris Smith, BGR

The downside is that ChatGPT gave me solely 10 songs, which is much shorter than what I wanted.

The initial list of songs ChatGPT proposed.
The preliminary checklist of songs ChatGPT proposed. Image supply: Chris Smith, BGR

This wasn’t ok for me, so I requested for 70 others. This time, it complied. Here are 20 of the 70 music tracks it urged:

ChatGPT quickly gave me 70 other titles.
ChatGPT rapidly gave me 70 different titles. Image supply: Chris Smith, BGR

That’s after I instructed ChatGPT 4 to discover a option to flip the checklist of songs right into a playlist I might import into Apple Music. ChatGPT failed me right here by telling me find out how to create playlists in Apple Music. That’s not what I wished, so I instructed the chatbot to go looking the net for a option to import a text-based checklist of songs into Apple Music:

ChatGPT told me how I can import a playlist into Apple Music.
ChatGPT instructed me how I can import a playlist into Apple Music. Image supply: Chris Smith, BGR

Now we have been going someplace. I instructed ChatGPT to make me a CSV file for the 80 songs. This is the place ChatGPT 4 actually failed me. It really didn’t generate the entire information proper on the very finish. Ultimately, I had the chatbot divide the duty into two. It would create two CSV information, every containing 40 songs. 

It did that efficiently, and now I’ve my CSV information. 

I loaded up, which helps you to switch information from numerous companies. I rapidly discovered the CSV to Apple Music playlist tutorial, which is fairly easy: 

Soundiiz lets you import all sorts of playlists into all sorts of music streaming services.
Soundiiz enables you to import all kinds of playlists into all kinds of music streaming companies. Image supply: Soundiiz

However, I encountered an Apple ID login error whereas utilizing Soundiiz, which stopped me. I might create an account for the service, however I simply stopped. 

What I set off to do, have ChatGPT give you a marathon playlist just like Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off,” was performed. I can at all times enter these songs manually if I’m not too lazy about it. 

The ChatGPT 3.5 route

While I used ChatGPT 4, I noticed not everybody needs to pay $20/month for ChatGPT Plus. So, I replicated the method above utilizing the free ChatGPT 3.5 service.

I used precisely the identical prompts, and ChatGPT 3.5 was a lot quicker. But it didn’t present as many explanations alongside the way in which. In both case, I’ve to belief that the AI is doing its job. And on that be aware, I’ll remind you that ChatGPT and different genAI applications aren’t at all times dependable. 

Like ChatGPT 4, ChatGPT 3.5 produced a restricted checklist. But it gave me 10 songs extra initially. I requested for 70 others, and it gave me 55 others. Oh, properly… 

ChatGPT 3.5's initial list of songs.
ChatGPT 3.5’s preliminary checklist of songs. Image supply: Chris Smith, BGR

But, in every case, ChatGPT 3.5 instructed me the tracks can be found on Apple Music. But how does it know? With the checklist ChatGPT 4 generated, I’d run into surprises, too.

When I instructed ChatGPT 3.5 to assist me flip the checklist into an Apple Music checklist, it gave me the identical first response: Insert the tracks manually.

It additionally lied to me by telling me it might help me with exporting the checklist right into a format that may be imported into Apple Music.

What ChatGPT 3.5 ended up doing was suggesting Soundiiz as an answer to import an inventory of tracks into Apple Music. The chatbot might additionally give me a CSV file. But in contrast to ChatGPT 4, it didn’t supply me the file to obtain. Instead, I’d have to repeat the code it created. 

ChatGPT 3.5 will tell you how to create playlists in Apple Music. But it's not what I needed.
ChatGPT 3.5 will let you know find out how to create playlists in Apple Music. But it’s not what I wanted. Image supply: Chris Smith, BGR

Still, ChatGPT 3.5 labored out nice. 

I do know what you’re pondering. Are the playlists comparable? I returned to my preliminary ChatGPT 4 chat and requested the chatbot to check the lists. It seems the 2 playlists share fewer than 30 songs. That provides me numerous room to maneuver. I’d mix them to make sure I get sufficient variety out of my marathon runs. 

You can replicate this with ease for any objective. I used ChatGPT to offer me songs with beats just like Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off, however you might ask ChatGPT to create a music playlist for anything. Also, you may attempt the identical prompts with rivals like Gemini and Claude. 

The dream

Imagine if the iPhone’s iOS 18 might use the built-in AI to generate such playlists on the spot. I might have performed it on the spot after I had this concept whereas operating. 

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